June really takes the cake for me

I love the month of June. In fact, aside from my birthday month of October, I think June takes the cake.
I say that now while my lawn is still two days from another cut. Usually by the time I’m done mowing it, and because I have a big yard and there’s only one of me, I’m not quite so thrilled on the bursting green rapid growth that happens in Month Six.
But today I like it.
I am most in awe of the new green needle tips on all the many branches of the massive evergreen trees that line my driveway. I am at a loss for how something so incredibly huge manages to draw in enough energy each year to produce new green at every finger of its limbs.
It is perhaps the most promising sign there is for me—that life is driven to carry on despite the challenges of getting from ‘A’ to ‘B.’
Another “awe awe” moment was watching a C-130 Hercules, carrying 20,000 pounds of fuel, clear the runway in a heartbeat at the Fort Frances Airport on Sunday afternoon at the end of a very successful annual “Fly-In,” Drive-In BBQ” event.
I felt like a 10-year-old standing there as the reverberation of the four-engine megalith vibrated in my chest when it raced by all of us lifting off in a roar, banking sharply around for a low pass over a crowd of thrilled onlookers.
After its second such roundabout pass, I shot a fist into the air like a trooper, then turned around with a little jig to see my dad standing there with a grin as big as mine. We looked straight at each other and without words, we knew exactly how each other felt in that exhilarating moment.
Hats off to members of the Canadian Air Force Squadron 435 in Winnipeg for a job well-done.
“June Bugs” are out, too—ages one through six—and they love to play with the garden hose that “yours truly” rigged up from a pump at the creek for my weary skeleton that didn’t want to haul pails to the repeated watering needed for my herb and flower gardens.
Quite simply, the simplest form of entertainment for children on a hot summer day is a garden hose. Second is a whack of sidewalk chalk to brighten Granny’s patio stones and cement steps to the colours of the rainbow.
However, I forgot to ask my little peppers to remove their shoes before coming inside, and in so not doing had a pink, blue, green, and yellow chalk trail through the porch to the kitchen and into the bathroom, where small feet had trickled as the day wore on.
But the most entertaining scene of all was when “Ozzie” the cat, in his usual display of how pleased he is with life, ventured outside and laid down on the patio stones and rolled around in kitty-like fashion.
I’m still kicking myself for not taking a photograph of the cat and his amazing technicolour dream coat derived from all those lovely chalk drawings. Seeing him lit up like that reminded me of my slightly askew high school days and my own version of said coat.
Mine looked like a shag rug made into a vest and, indeed, was a colourful array of long wool fibers. It was a one-of-a-kind accessory and I’m not even sure where I got it.
All I remember is that it was right up there with plucking my eyebrows too thin. The response from my classmates was not very favourable.
But Ozzie looked impeccable in his—and still believed that he was king of the hill even though he looked like a wad of cotton candy from the Emo Fair.
June also has reintroduced me to Rainy Lake and just how spectacular it is at sunset while floating in a boat in Sand Bay.
Thank you to the two good hearts who scooped me up and delivered me to the moment of power that I’d been talking so much about. Now.