Here’s to 20/20 vision

I have so much to write about and yet I don’t know where to begin.
How do I priorize four weeks of great summer adventures and memories? How do I pick which life byte gets the top spot in this space?
My writing cup runneth over.
Above all else, I know for sure that time flies. I can hardly believe it is mid-August and that the sunset hour is falling ever closer to 8:30 p.m. from that day not so long ago when we had to wait until 10 p.m. for enough darkness to see the fireworks.
And while mothers everywhere are practising the jig for that first school day, where did the summer go?
I spent the thick of mine on a mission to ready this old farmyard and field and my big old red barn for the biennial “Drennan Reunion” and the spirited lot of Irish descendants who move in with their camper trailers, tents, and joviality for the last weekend in July.
We see each other after a two-year hiatus and it’s like we’ve never been apart. We hug and laugh and sing, and connect. It’s medicine for the ancestral souls in all of us.
My old red barn—long since retired from her farming days—came to life again, along with her kin, and radiated into the night as light shone through every old crack and pinhole from the cupola to the foundation.
It was one of the most beautiful and memorable moments of my summer when I saw that barn that I love so very much reflect such a visible happiness.
At this time of year, I readily admit I have little time set aside to sit and write. But as the weeks pass and I don’t honour my craft, my soul starts to back up from all the thoughts I’ve been hoarding.
Life is short. Share. Write now.
1. I am still trying to let go.
2. I will succeed.
3. I will fail.
4. I will try again, succeed, fall back, step forward, and grow new branches on my tree of life.
5. I practise every day the fine art of gratitude. I don’t think I will ever stop being a part of that noun.
6. Sailing is my greatest passion and yet . . .
7. I am not as brave in a sailboat by myself as I thought I would be.
8. I will succeed at being brave.
9. I will fall short of being brave.
10. I will succeed again.
11. I am driven to live the ABC’s of life.
12. I am Adventurous.
13. I am Brave.
14. I am Creative.
15. I am not the world’s best mother, but I do the best I can and I love my daughters fiercely and equally so.
16. I am wise and I know more than I know you think I do.
17. I am not the world’s best Granny. I could do better.
18. Aug. 19 is Jon Fistler’s birthday. He would have been 55.
19. Life is short.
20. “Tell the truth that is in your heart like hidden treasure. There is no time for anything else.”