I originally wrote this column on the last Monday evening in May. I was going to recycle it completely until I reread it and realized a few things were worth revisiting. The apple blossoms aren’t on the breeze anymore. Back then, the scent of the new blooms drifted on the […]

Until recently, it had been almost 12 months since I’d picked up a keyboard and wrote a column. What a phenomenal detour once again from the road I was meant to take all my life. Occasionally over the past few months, readers would ask me if I had stopped writing […]

Have you packed up your winter clothes yet? I have! Out came the storage bag and the clinging dust bunnies from under my bed. I had washed and folded all my summer stuff last October, jammed everything in the bag, and shoved it in amongst all the other stuff I’ve […]

I’m actually contemplating spring-cleaning–the old-fashioned kind of spring-cleaning like my grandmother used to do. The walls in each room get washed down, and the kitchen cupboards get emptied out and everything gets a bath before being returned and hopefully (if memory serves me correctly) to same spot so that it […]

We all know women who inspire us, be they the pioneers of our heritage–those Amelia Earhart types: courageous, living on the edge, outspoken, adventurous, challenged, spirited women folk. Maybe they are our grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters, teachers, best friends, and/or a host of other women who have motivated us to […]

When I go to bed at night, I’m very good at being able to empty my mind of the woebegone happenings of the day. A long time ago, I learned how–at shut-eye time–to pack a mental suitcase with any worries, frettings, and negative thoughts I might have and give them […]

It has been seven weeks since I last emptied my words here. Wow. However, contrary to past excuses for not writing, my latest sabbatical from this column had nothing to do with being unhappy. I am, in fact, in a most content and joyful life space, and moreso in an […]

My partner and I almost always have a date on any given Friday night. And as the evening flows along to that inaugural refreshment, no matter what it may be, we sip not until we toast it between us with “Cheers” as we look intentionally into each other’s eyes and […]

Poop test kit. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about those three words, mostly because I’m over 50 years of age–in fact, closer to 60 than 50 (how did that happen?!)–and four or more years overdue for colon cancer screening. Why? Because I’m a procrastinator and as the doctor would […]

Technology, Entertainment, Design. In short, “TED.” I’ve been a fan of TED for years. In fact, some of the greatest lessons I’ve learned have been from TED, a global platform of speakers who share their ideas–be they funny, courageous, ingenious, inspiring, or informative–in talks of 18 minutes or less. There […]

I managed to get through this past weekend without a sea of cat barf. However, about halfway through my lazy Saturday morning sporting pajamas, raccoon-eyes of mascara, and a “Bride of Frankenstein” hairdo, I would have traded the incoming moment for something squishy between my toes. My cellphone went off […]