WRIGHT–Born to Jeff and Heather, nee Evans, of Fort Frances, Ont., a boy, Grayson David, weighing 7 lbs. 5 oz. on January 27, 2010 at La Verendrye General Hospital, Fort Frances, Ont.


To the editor,
In regard to the letter from Arlene Georgeson. I wonder when you had to depend on the bus.
Personally, I used it a lot and I do not remember one time when there wasn’t at least six-eight on that bus when I got on.
And I wasn’t the first to get on; nor the last.
This town has become a divided town–and no doubt will remain so for some time to come.
As for stopping at your doorstep with your groceries, at least you could bring home your groceries, and I might add, with no complaints. Yes, the handi-van is still in use for the handicapped, I wonder how long it will remain?
Dial-a-ride is okay if you are just going up town, and don’t care to shop, and if you are, standing or can stand and wait for a good length of time.
Many of us seniors cannot stand around. With bus shelters, we could at least sit down. No, the bus question is not dead.
Perhaps all the seniors in this town should take this buying of groceries and other necessary things somewhere else. Then this town council wouldn’t have to be bothered with the seniors.
Olive Wright