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Kim Jo Bliss - Moo's From The Herd

Moos – September 21, 2020

This fall weather is so excellent! Really there is nothing like a long, warm, dry fall. I hope everyone is getting out and enjoying it. For me it seems extra special after last fall. I was a wreck stressing about the mud and mess. I am thankful not only for me but for all our cattle/animals. I brought all my cows and calves home Sunday morning. It was our weigh and pregnancy checking day. I always find it a very nerve-wracking day, but it went very well, and we only had one open cow. My cows cooperated and went through the chute easily.

Volunteers needed for Sales Barn renovations

What! The middle of September has arrived. It certainly seems like time is moving quickly and maybe more so as the days get shorter and we all try to pack as much possible into our days. The sunshine really helps with everyone’s mood and as well the long to-do lists! The Rainy River Cattlemen’s as hoping for a long, open fall as they are trying to re-build the Stratton Sale Barn. It is looking like they are going to work as hard as they can in between sales this fall to get as much done as possible. The biggest issue is the lack of pens since our fire last fall.

Fall harvest underway

It was a decent long weekend for us, provided you survived the crazy winds on Sunday night. We ended up with no power, so it seemed like a dark, long evening. I had some office jobs planned for that evening, so they had to wait. We were entertained by Black Bettie who performed for us as she was the only one that was enjoying the quiet time and all eyes on her. Marlee and I debated on trying to colour by candlelight but decided that it might be too hard on our eyes.

Cattle sale a success

Hard to believe we are moving into September. I think to myself; it is harder to believe as we missed out on the Emo Fair. We often gauge things based on the Fair. I wouldn’t complain if summer lasted a few more months and I could certainly find enough work to do. If summer can’t last, I am crossing my fingers for a warm, dry fall. That makes all the difference in the world.

Cattle sale around the corner

We got our combine back last week and started right into harvesting. We were lucky to have a young helper for a day last week. Levi was visiting his grandma and grandpa and he has strong interest in farming and growing. We enjoyed him so much and his knowledge was impressive. It was a hot day, and combining is a dusty, messy job but he never complained. We really missed him the next day; having three people for harvest is nice. We are trying to tackle the barley trials first and then mover on to oats. The yields seem decent, but we won’t have any results for a bit.

COVID Club Show a success

This would have been our Emo Fair Weekend and today would have been the dreaded Monday following a very busy weekend. We did have our overall “Covid Club Show” at Pam and Murray Wilson’s. The top two steers, heifers and showman all competed for the Grand Champion spot. It was quite a nice show and a big thank you to all the participants, the hosts and of course of judges, Riley, Brent and James. I was very proud that despite a challenging year we were able to pull off something, so that our members could still display the efforts of their hard work.

4-H hold club shows

I am having a hard time believing we are already nearing the middle of August. My life has been a blur the past week and a half and normally we would be on the mad rush to prepare for the Emo Fall Fair. My dad passed away on July 30 and my world has been turned upside down. The support of our community and others near and far has simply been overwhelming. I will do my best to respond to every text, email and phone call. I am still feeling very broken so please excuse me if I am not up to being my old self for a bit. This is going to leave a large void for my entire family.

Animals enjoying the heat

Summer is really moving along – and for the most part we certainly cannot complain about the weather. Well, that is funny because I tend to complain about the weather but that is just because of rain. Last week we should have been braver and cut more hay than we did because though we had rain it didn’t amount to much. Early Sunday morning we were hit with a decent storm. Further north there was damage done from downed trees and we were with out power for a fair bit of time. Farmers in the Alberton area missed the rain and said they would appreciate some for their fields and pasture.


So, we have moved into rain every second day and though the last bit of rain hasn’t been large amounts, it certainly puts a damper on making hay. We have around 100 acres left. And after struggling a bit to get the last stuff baled up, we are gun-shy about cutting more. It sounds like we could get a fair bit of rain Tuesday so I am hoping that the weather will change to a dryer spell after that. Although, when I check the long-term weather it looks damp until the end of the month. Frustrating to say the least.


Here we are middle of July! This week is normally a week of getting things dialed in – for our Open House! We are going to continue to get things dialed in this week as we are working on a Virtual Crop Tour! We have been collecting some pictures from around our District and will include things here at the Station. We are a bit behind with things with the wetter weather last week. Hoping that Mother Nature cooperates this week and we will get back on track. Stay tuned for the details of the Virtual Crop Tour. We are not sure yet how we will make it all work, but we will!