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Jeff Gustafson - Livewell

Bassin' for Bucks

Back in 1996, my good friend Mike Reid and I were 13 years old when we decided we would team up for the first annual Bassin’ For Bucks in Sioux Narrows. Sioux Narrows anglers Mel Giesbrecht and Chris Bell were some of the top tournament anglers in NW Ontario at the time and they decided that the fishing was good enough around Sioux Narrows that they could have a successful tournament. We fished out of a 14 foot Lund with a 25 horsepower motor that first year and had a cooler for a livewell.

Using sonar to find more fish

As a professional angler, part of my gig is to promote the products that my sponsors create. I try to share my fishing knowledge and experience as to how it is related to these different products, for everything from lures to rods and reels to clothing and electronics. I try not to be to advertorial when I’m talking about specific products and just share information that I believe will help people to catch more fish or have a better experience when they are on the water.

Tough Week at Lake St. Clair smallmouth bass tournament

One thing about fishing is you don’t catch fish every time you go out. They have the ability to move wherever they want and simply not bite if they aren’t in the mood. Even the best anglers will have days where they struggle to catch fish. That part of the sport is what drives us to continue learning and figure out the puzzle every time we hit the water.

Kenora Walleye Open goes ahead

Since 1988, the Harbourfront in Kenora has been reserved on the second weekend in August for the Kenora Bass International. The KBI as it’s come to be known is among the biggest open, team bass tournaments in Canada, as well as one of the longest running tournaments in North America. Earlier in the year when everything was essentially shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision was made to postpone the KBI for 2020.

Good Trip to New York

This second of back to back Bassmaster Elite Series events took place this past weekend at Lake Champlain. This massive lake in northern New York also stretches into Vermont and Quebec to give you a better idea of its geographic location. It is known as one of the top bass fishing destinations in North America for the numbers of bass in the lake and the scenery of the area. 
In all of my travels across the U.S. to fish these tournaments, this lake is more like Lake of the Woods and Rainy Lake than any other lake that I have visited.


In the July 8 Fort Frances Times, Kelli Saunders shared some great information about rusty crayfish in the Lake of the Woods watershed. She explained that rusty crayfish are an invasive species that have been present in Lake of the Woods for upwards of 20 years. They are an aggressive species of crayfish that is omnivorous, eating almost anything they can find, including vegetation.

Big Water Driving Tips

A couple of weeks back I wrote a column about some of my big water boating experiences. The reality is, if you spend enough time on the water, you will be faced with windy conditions and potentially have to drive through some rough water to get to where you need to go. It’s all about staying safe and making the ride as comfortable as possible.