You can’t make crap like this up. So just the facts…. Rick, our Wanna-be Mountie, was on a rant the other morning. Not that that was unusual, it was just this time he had documented proof. “The rotten $%%#@s cancelled my credit card!” roared Rick his voice dripping with injured […]

You thought Skinhead was some neo Nazi extremist group. Maybe they are, but when you are 6’4” trying to work in a five foot something basement, the term takes on a whole new meaning. Our old basement was looking pretty dreary and with my granddaughter spending the Covid enforced university […]

I bounced into the Post Office in Rainy the other day all suitably masked and joined the queue to pick up my parcel from One thing this Covid19 pandemic has done is given Canada Post a real business booming boost. I waited patiently trying to figure out who all […]

Tournament fishing is an emotional activity in that the highs can be so high and the lows can be so low. Before I go any further, I know, it’s only fishing, there are certainly more important issues in life but hear me out. After winning the last event a couple […]

“Hey Rick, what’s that on the back of your truck?” was the first question I asked our retired Mountie-wanna-be as I pulled up to the Debating Table at the Bakery in Rainy River. Rick is a re-known collector of treasures i.e. JUNK and has a 48ft van, and several sheds, […]

Rick is in the doghouse…. again! Rick is our Wanna-be-Mountie, a long retired peace officer. A close up and personal encounter with a concrete truck several years back left Rick in a somewhat decreased mobility state. Not completely crippled up, but close to it. His gait and mobility is so […]

By Mark ElliottSpecial to Squirrel Pie KFC is out to get me Or at least, that’s what I would think if I were a paranoid man. Ads from KFC flood my social media. “Hurry, deal ends February 28th,” they tell me. “Buy one item, get one free. So much chicken!” […]

They were all strangers spread equally spaced around the Debating Table at the Bakery in Rainy River Monday morning. The weather had broken and they came out of hibernation in droves just as the Groundhog had predicted they would. But who were they? No familiar faces. Just sets of eyes […]

This is a retread as the Polar Vortex has my creative juices totally frozen up…. Moose sent me an email the other day claiming that men are deep thinkers and supported that argument with the hypothesis that the pain of childbirth did not hold a candle to the male equivalent […]

I just knew it had to be good for you! How could anything that feels so right be bad? I am of course talking about breaking wind or scientifically flatulence. That’s right, a fart. Don’t believe me? Google it! Google wouldn’t lie to you, would they? The health benefits of […]

Dennis the Menace has some unbelievable tales of salmon fishing on the Great Lakes. Unbelievable until you remember that Dennis is the one who a couple of years back managed to shatter most of his wife’s crystal, crack the kitchen drywall, and blow the microwave into a thousand pieces while […]

If being housebound during COVID-19 does only one thing, it isolates me to the point I poke through a bunch of my old computer files. Here’s one, I’m glad I did not delete My wife the Pearl of the Orient and I have invested a lot of years and substantial […]