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Beach babies

These cousins, Henry and Liam Smith and Elizabeth Roulston, have been spending time at the beach making clay creations. What has your family been doing to stay busy? Take a high resolution photo and send it to us, so we can share it with readers! Send your photos to


Lindal and Cindy Lauzon have been feeding Tweeter since his nest fell out of a tree in early June. Lauzon says they now mostly feed him snacks when he stops in, as they believe he is hunting for worms and other food on his own.

O Canada

COVID may have cancelled the municipal Canada Day Parade this year, but that didn't stop the festivities for residents and staff at Rainycrest Long-term care home. The facilities' team of activationists, left, organized a parade just for residents, complete with floats, streamers and flags.

O Canada

The Fun in the Sun Committee was overwhelmed with a wide variety of entries to their Canada Day contests this year. To celebrate Canada, COVID-style, the committee launched a colouring contest, a writing contest and a home and business decorating contest, with participants sending pictures of their patriotic submissions.

Sleeping beauty

This sweet little fawn stopped for a rest in a local resident’s lawn one evening. It was gone by morning, but not before the homeowners were able to get some pictures. If you see some nature worthy of a photograph, send it to us, so we can share it with readers! Send your high resolution photographs to

Safety first

The staff at Peterbilt Fort Frances scheduled asymptomatic testing at Riverside’s Fort Frances Assessment centre on Monday. Asymptomatic testing is just another added precaution to protect the public from COVID-19. To schedule precautionary asymptomatic tests for yourself or your employees, call the COVID-19 Assessment Centre at 274-3261 ext. 4913 for Fort Frances/Emo, or 274-3261 ext.