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Merna Emara

Adaptive Water Sports

A group of six volunteers assembled at Point Park, to start their training on adaptive water equipment, under the watchful instruction of Mar Fraczkiewicz, co-owner of Sunset Water Sports. The equipment was purchased after extensive fundraising, and with a newly formed partnership between the company and Child and Family Services.

Dynamic duo

Arden Bruyere and Victor Armit play the guitar and sing in Rainy Lake Square. People gathered around them as they all sang John Denver's “Take Me Home, Country Roads.” From seniors to toddlers, residents cheered and clapped for the duo as they created a vintage ambiance.

Betty's staff adapted to COVID-19, but store not out of the woods yet

While most of Earth's inhabitants were locked inside their homes under quarantine, new talents were discovered. Many turned to cooking, crafting and working on puzzles to destress and pass the time with their families.

Betty's of Fort Frances was able to fuel all that creativity. They were able to continue delivering paint, crafts and puzzles to customers through online orders.