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Jack Elliott

Cardboard boats set to sail again

It’s that time of year again.

Yes, followers of the “Great Beaver” will attempt to lure him out of seclusion by offering sacrifices of cardboard, duct tape, and tender (or tough) humans onto the Rainy River at Rainy River.

This is the eighth year in a row this sacrifice has been offered. Maybe this year the mythical “Great Beaver” will take the bait.

Coverage appropriate

Dear Mr. Editor:

It is indeed a tragedy when anyone is injured or loses their life in an accident like Mr. Hyatt did recently, but to suggest that the coverage of it was inappropriate or “salacious” is in itself inappropriate.

Anyone who has ever had to cover a “bad news” story appreciates how difficult and unpleasant the task is.

Get involved

Dear Mike:

Many of the benefits we enjoy from living in a small community are the direct result of the dedication and selflessness of community volunteers.

Whether it is a major event like the recently-completed Rainy River Walleye Tournament or the Giant Pumpkin Festival, none of these would happen without an army of volunteers.