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Jack Elliott

RR Lions

Jim Webb, a visitor to Rainy River, took a tour of the town on the Lions Club's Cycling Without Age (CWA) trishaw. The CWA program will be fully operational in spring of 2020, providing recreational tours of the town at no cost to mobility-impaired residents. The Rainy River CWA Chapter is funded and operated by the RRBB Lions' volunteer pilots.

Sincere thanks

Dear editor:

This past Sunday, Rainy River witnessed what a grand time can be had with a bit of cardboard, a few rolls of tuck tape, our beautiful river, and some community-minded volunteers.

Once again, folks just stepped forward to make this happen.

Fall beauty

The shores of the Rainy River put on a spectacular show for the Rainy River Walleye Tournament anglers and spectators over the weekend. Here, volunteer spotter Archie Wiersema admired the beautiful fall colours while cruising down the river on his pontoon boat.

‘Great Beaver’ awaits

From the back country there have been reports that the Great Beaver once again is moving down from the headwaters of Miller Creek towards Rainy River.

This monster—a relic of the Pleistocene era—apparently developed a voracious appetite for cardboard and duct tape.

No word if he has developed any carnivorous tastes, as well, but his appetite for giant pumpkins is well-known.

Rare robin

This robin, which is largely white, was first sighted last year in Rainy River by Frank Books, who saw this bird, along with another partially-white robin, near his home. The birds then disappeared but regularly were spotted along the river a few blocks south. This bird apparently has mated and is servicing a nest located near the Stamlers’ house.

RRHS students hold clean-up

On Friday, 124 students and staff from Rainy River High School held a blitz to clean up our town.

They began the morning by watching an environmental documentary explaining the life cycle of a disposable paper cup as well as the environmental repercussions of a culture reliant on convenience.

Then they divided into groups and had assigned areas around the town to clean up.