Rainy River Record

Traffic on the Rainy River is recorded as early as 1688 or 1699 by Jacques de Noyon, a native of Trois Rivieres. He made the journey with a party of Indians who promised he would find a river emptying into the Western Sea (Lake Winnipeg). Later, voyager traffic along the […]

Open House Featuring Old Copies Of The Paper Planned For Next Thursday The Rainy River Record Officially turns 75 August 29, 1994. However, this special edition has been produced in part to recognize our 75th anniversary as a publication. Many changes have taken place over the past 75 years, including […]

“Now know ye that having taken the premises into our Royal Consideration, We, by and with the advise of the Executive Council of Our Province of Ontario and in the exercise of the power vested in this behalf, by the said in part recited Act, or otherwise howsoever, Do, by […]

History of Fort Frances

Newspapers Fort Frances has had a newspaper service for many years, the first being the Alberton Star, which was owned and operated by Mr. W.B. Little. This paper was first published every Tuesday and the annual subscription rate was $1.00. When the Dominion government changed in 1878 and work was […]

Alberton Centennial Times

The Rainy River District offers numerous lakes, rivers and wilderness to create a sportsman’s paradise. Tourism has become a secondary industry in the area, with the development of facilities to serve the vacationer who arrives to experience North Western Ontario at its finest. Tourism in fact began before the turn […]

For most people living in Alberton, and the Rainy River District in general, it would be difficult to imagine going through what their ancestors, the first settlers of the region, had to endure. Settlement here started in earnest in the late 1890’s, although several groups visited before then. Gunhilda Scott, […]

Alberton Centennial Times

If ever there was one man who set the example of how to live life to its fullest in the great white north, it was Captain Billy Wilson. Although he passed away several years ago, he is still fondly remembered by many area residents. Born in Pennsylvania, eight days after […]

Fort Frances Times and Rainy Lake Herald

The Canadian National Railway station on Fourth Street West probably will be demolished unless a purchaser can be found during the next few months, the company confirmed Tuesday. David Dear, CN communications officer, said from Winnipeg the company of making a policy of not hanging on to such stations because […]

Fort Frances Times and Rainy Lake Herald

There may be some unforeseen problems when the new handi-action van goes into action in Fort Frances on Monday. But these may be insignificant compared to the hurdles overcome in the past four years by the Rainy River District Handicapped Action Group to obtain the van. In order to comply […]

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