100 and counting!

Fort Frances Times and Rainy Lake Herald

Uncork the champagne bottles–the Fort Frances Times turns 100 today!

One is awestruck, looking back over the past century, by how much has been dutifully recorder on these very newspaper pages. It was the promise of gold that spawned a city, and this newspaper, so many years ago. But long after that lure lost its lustre, the Times has carried on–and so has the district it’s committed to serving.

We were there for the good times when the area was booming with seemingly endless potential. And there for the bad, through the ” Dirty Thirties” and countless more recessions since, that took the wind out of our sails but never beat us.

We were there through two world wars, celebrating the victories and crying over our losses as the names of the fallen were relayed back home across the ocean. We were there through natural disasters and other tragedies, as a shoulder to cry on and a trumpet to proclaim the triumph of the human spirit.

We’ve mirrored the real lives of local people, celebrating their accomplishments, sharing their grief, reflecting their opinions; praising some decisions and questioning others–all in hope of helping make Rainy River District a better place to live.

We were there to chronicle a district steadily growing from its pioneer roots to the vibrant force it is today–its sight set firmly on the future.

The Times is proud of its milestone today, and grateful for the support of readers, contributors and advertisers over the years which has made all this possible. And like the district, the Times, too, is looking forward to the future, complete with a new look soon to be unveiled.

But one thing will never change–an unfailing dedication to producing the best newspaper humanly possible each week that accurately reflects life in Rainy River District.

Thank you for 100 years. Here’s to the next 100!