Sunday, May 24, 2015


Navy used eBay for ship parts

OTTAWA—Newly-released government records show navy mechanics in Halifax had to scour the Internet and use eBay to find parts for one of its two supply ships.
But the briefing notes obtained by The Canadian Press, prepared for navy commander Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, show the technicians were fighting a losing battle to keep HMCS Preserver on duty.

Future space travel in spotlight

TORONTO—Future space travel—to Mars and beyond—will be one of the hot topics at a five-day international space development conference in Toronto this week.
It’s the annual conference of the National Space Society which brings together engineers, scientists, educators, and business representatives from the civilian, military, commercial, and other space sectors.

Prying parental eyes: Phone monitoring apps flourish in S. Korea, new rule orders installation

SEOUL, South Korea — Lee Chang-june can be miles from his 12-year-old son but still know when he plays a smartphone game. With the press of an app he can see his son’s phone activity, disable apps or totally shut down the smartphone.

Google’s pod-like two-seater is next step to driverless car; to hit public roads this summer

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — The latest version of Google’s self-driving car — a pod-like two-seater that needs no gas pedal or steering wheel — will make its debut on public roads this summer, a significant step in the technology giant’s mission to have driverless cars available to consumers in the next five years.

Google acknowledges 11 minor accidents with self-driving cars; critics seek more transparency

LOS ANGELES — Google Inc. revealed Monday that its self-driving cars have been in 11 minor traffic accidents since it began experimenting with the technology six years ago.

Rogers Media slashing jobs

TORONTO—Money-losing newscasts are getting the axe at Omni multicultural channels as Rogers Media Inc. tries to reduce its losses with a new slate of current affairs shows that use fewer resources.

Robber posts videos, photo

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.—A man accused of robbing a Virginia Beach bank posted two videos and a photo of the incident to his Instagram account.
Police told WAVY-TV that 23-year-old Dominyk Antonio Alfonseca walked into a TowneBank on Monday and handed the teller a note asking for $150,000 in bonds.

After delays and worldwide grounding, Boeing’s Dreamliner is starting to show its promise

FORT WORTH, Texas — After years of delay, the world’s biggest airline is finally using one of the newest passenger jets.

Daimler unveils autonomous truck, predicts it will hit the road before a self-driving car

LAS VEGAS — Although much attention has been paid to autonomous vehicles being developed by Google and traditional car companies, one truck maker believes that automated tractor-trailers will be rolling along highways before self-driving cars are cruising around the suburbs.

SpaceX crew capsule soars with dummy in 1st major test of crew launch escape system

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — SpaceX has chalked up another test flight, this one for the capsule it will use to carry astronauts into orbit.
SpaceX fired a mock-up capsule into the air Wednesday morning from Cape Canaveral, Florida, to test the new, super-streamlined launch escape system for astronauts.

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