Wednesday, January 28, 2015


After years of study, FDA says it has no evidence anti-bacterial soaps curb spread of bacteria

WASHINGTON — After more than 40 years of study, the federal government said Monday it has no evidence that the anti-bacterial chemicals used in countless common soaps and washes help prevent the spread of germs, and it is reviewing research suggesting they may pose health risks.

Satellite finds Antarctica set Earth record low of 135.8 below F (94.7 minus Celsius)

WASHINGTON — Newly analyzed data from East Antarctica say the remote region has set a record for soul-crushing cold.
The record is minus 135.8 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 94.7 Celsius).

NASA rover Curiosity finds ancient Martian freshwater lake that may have supported life

LOS ANGELES — NASA’s Curiosity rover has uncovered signs of an ancient freshwater lake on Mars, which scientists say could have been a perfect spot for tiny primitive organisms to flourish if they ever existed on the red planet.

Pa. students’ robotic arm can make you stronger; part of emerging research in exoskeletons

PHILADELPHIA — Need a hand lifting something? A robotic device invented by University of Pennsylvania engineering students can help its wearer carry an additional 40 pounds.
Titan Arm looks and sounds like part of a superhero’s costume. But its creators say it’s designed for ordinary people — those who need either physical rehabilitation or a little extra muscle for their job.

Got the chills yet? Invasive cockroach found in NYC can withstand harsh winter cold

NEW YORK — The High Line, a park that turned a dilapidated stretch of elevated railway on Manhattan’s West Side into one of New York’s newest tourist attractions, may have brought a different kind of visitor: a cockroach that can withstand harsh winter cold and never seen before in the U.S.

Venom from ‘hundred pacer’ viper may stop clots that cause heart attack, strokes

TORONTO — It’s one of the world’s most poisonous snakes, and researchers hope the venom of the viper dubbed the “hundred pacer” can provide a medication to help prevent one of the world’s leading killers.
A team of researchers has purified a protein from the snake’s venom to develop an experimental drug aimed at preventing blood clots that can cause a heart attack or stroke.

With backing from Silicon Valley investors, food-tech startups aim to replace eggs and chicken

SAN FRANCISCO — The startup is housed in a garage-like space in San Francisco’s tech-heavy South of Market neighbourhood, but it isn’t like most of its neighbours that develop software, websites and mobile-phone apps. Its mission is to find plant replacements for eggs.

Bird steals video camera recording crocodiles in Australia; footage reveals 70-mile journey

SYDNEY, Australia — A brazen bird snatched a video camera that was recording crocodiles in northwest Australia and captured fascinating footage of its 110-kilometre (70-mile) journey across the country’s remote landscape.

China launches its first lunar lander carrying ‘Jade Rabbit’ rover to the moon

BEIJING — China launched its first rover mission to the moon Monday, sending a robotic craft named Jade Rabbit to trundle across the lunar landscape, examine its geology and beam images back to Earth.

Did Comet ISON survive brush with sun? Scientists see sliver of hope in new images

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — A comet that gained an earthly following because of its bright tail visible from space was initially declared dead after essentially grazing the sun. Now, there is a silver of hope that Comet ISON may have survived.

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