Monday, August 3, 2015

District-wide Olympics idea not sunk yet

The idea to host a district-wide Olympics will continue to be pursued after being floated at a meeting last week—despite not everyone being on board.
“There’s a mixed bag of thoughts going on,” noted Gord Armstrong, co-ordinator of the local government networking group who initiated the idea.

“They think it’s a good idea, but it’s how to put it together that might be more than we can accomplish,” he said of some of the comments presented at last Tuesday’s meeting, which drew seven attendees of 20 who were invited.
Armstrong said it was suggested the group concentrate on one aspect pertaining to the Olympic idea as a start to see how it goes.
He plans to take the district-wide Olympics idea—and the suggestions made—to the next meeting of the local government networking group in September.
“I want to talk to them and see what the whole group feels,” Armstrong remarked, noting last week’s meeting presented only a small representation of opinions.
“I think this idea needs some more thought and some more energy,” he added.
Still, Armstrong said if the group decides to pursue the idea further, it would make him happy.
“I think it’s got so much potential,” he enthused, noting a district-wide Olympics is something he’s been contemplating for a while.
“What about doing something that brings us together; binds us together?” Armstrong reasoned.
“It could take on a cultural aspect, we could have fun together, and learn to really know who each other is,” he stressed.
“So that’s the whole concept behind it.”
The idea was mentioned to the local government networking group at its meeting in June, with Armstrong organizing last week’s meeting to discuss it further.
He would like the group to host something to bring about camaraderie amongst the district’s communities and First Nations.
“We need to become more united so that’s where I am coming from,” he said.
With the Olympics idea, Armstrong envisions including old aboriginal games as part of the competition.
But he also stressed it wouldn’t have to be a completely sports-based event.
“Maybe we could get teams together and do a ‘Minute to Win It’ kind of thing,” he suggested.
Armstrong said those involved in the local government networking group are committed to working together for the good of the district.
“They want to put the past way back and let’s get going in the future, working together, playing together, and doing all the things that we can do together,” he explained.

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