Thursday, July 30, 2015

Work shouldn’t impact busing

The construction work on Third Street East from Crowe Avenue to Frenette Avenue is not expected to interfere too much with the start of school next Wednesday.
Operations and Facilities manager Doug Brown said while Crowe Avenue will not be open to all traffic, it will be usable by school buses, which will be able to use the bus pull-off area to drop off and pick up students.

The granular, curb, and sidewalk work on Crowe Avenue will start Sept. 8.
Once the granular material is put down, Crowe Avenue will be open to through traffic.
Brown noted the town has met with Tom Veert Contracting and the public school board.
He said the school board will issue a newsletter to inform students who usually walk down Third Street to use Second Street, noting using back alleys is not safe, especially since back-alley vehicle traffic is greater due to the construction.
Vehicles are to use the “Kiss ’n Ride” drop-off area as normal.
In the meantime, work is moving along on Third Street. About 70-80 percent of the pipework is in the ground and the placing of granular materials has begun.
Brown said the new watermain has been pressure-tested and is being disinfected.
Once water samples are taken and come back clean, about half of the homes in the neighbourhood will be serviced by the new line by sometime next week.
Work still to be done on Third Street includes storm sewer mains and catchbasins, installation of new curb and gutter and sidewalks, and the landscaping of the boulevards.
While the project was supposed to have a completion date of Sept. 19, Brown noted it’s more likely the job will be done closer to the end of September as the work is somewhat behind schedule for various reasons.
Firstly, the Third Street work had to be delayed until after school ended and so didn’t start until June 23.
The town also got the contractor to do about a week’s worth of work during the flood event, such as addressing sinkholes.
Then there were a couple of change orders for manholes the town initially had thought it would not have to replace.
Three days of work also were lost due to inclement weather.
Brown said it will be relief to see the clay pipes on Third Street East finally replaced, adding the infrastructure there had many defects and has been problematic for the town for decades.
The summer construction contract includes jobs other than the Third Street project.
These include the removal and replacement of culverts, installing of granular “A” material, and resurfacing of Frog Creek Road, which was completed Friday by subcontractor Miller MSO.
The cost of this job was split between the town and MTO.
New storm system piping, catchbasins, and granular “A” material also have been installed at the DSSAB parking lot on Scott Street (though it still needs to be paved).
Projects that still need to be done also include storm sewer replacement on Olde Shambles Road, sanitary sewer spot repairs, and the replacement of fire hydrants and water isolation valves.
A manhole at the intersection of Third Street East and Armit Avenue also has to be replaced after it collapsed over the winter.

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