Friday, July 31, 2015

LeDrew takes home Queen crown

Kassidy LeDrew said she needed a pick-me-up this summer and she certainly got it when she won the 2014 Emo Fair Queen crown on Thursday evening, held in conjunction with the Rainy River Valley Agricultural Society’s fair in Emo this weekend.
“I’m so overwhelmed,” she enthused just minutes after receiving the crown from 2013 Queen Ashley Crowsell.

“I’m just so excited and so thankful for this experience,” she gushed. “I’ve made friendships that will last forever.”
While she indicated she had felt confident in some of the categories, the 16-year-old from Fort Frances said she didn’t expect to win.
“All of the girls did such a great job this year,” LeDrew expressed. “It was some tough competition and I didn’t know how it was going the end up.”
She noted being a contestant for the Emo Fair Queen has been the highlight of her summer.
“I’ve become close with all the girls and we’ve had so much fun,” she enthused, citing there was also a lot of work that went along with it, but that it was worth it.
“It is definitely an experience that I will never forget,” she added.
LeDrew thanked the pageant organizers, her sponsor Dairy Queen, her fellow contestants, and all of her friends and family for their help and support.
Also crowned at the Emo Arena that night were Elizabeth Allan, who captured the title of First Princess, while Joleigh Hayes was named Second Princess.
LeDrew also earned the title of Miss Congeniality, while Brooke VanDrunen was presented with the Dorothy Bonot Award.
Alyssa Chiasson and Avery Wilson-Hands rounded out the competition.
The royal court was crowned following the Mini-King and Mini-Queen contest, which saw 10 girls and two boys vying for the title, and the entertainment portion of the Queen competition.
Benjamin Latter earned the title of this year’s Mini-King, with Reece Wiersema being crowned Mini-Queen.
Then the six fair queen contestants took to the stage, with Chiasson going first, performing an upbeat dance to Ariana Grande’s hit, “Problem.”
VanDrunen was up next, singing Lady Antebellum’s “Never Alone,” accompanied by Larissa Desrosiers on guitar, complete with a slide show of her fair queen experience up to that point, followed by LeDrew who offered up a dance and lip-synced medley with a country flair.
Hayes then sang two songs—Miranda Lambert’s “Only Prettier” and Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” while Wilson-Hands showcased her figure skating talents in a video slide show, as she played “Skinny Love” by Birdy on the piano.
Lastly, Allan, dressed as Dorothy from the “Wizard of Oz,” performed her rendition of “Over the Rainbow.”
This year’s judges, Jim Curr, Tony Marinaro, Lori Ann Shortreed, and Tara Jerry had a difficult job a choosing a winner in each category.
“Every banner, float, fashion, and entertainment was very well put together—lots of unique details,” voiced pageant organizer Laura McCormick. “The four judges were very impressed with each contestant. I think they found it very hard.”
She noted that the contestants had a good summer.
“All the girls really had fun,” she enthused. “It’s so good to see them enjoying all the events.
“Even though it’s a lot of hard work they always had fun and that’s what we want for them,” she added.
McCormick also indicated that having six contestants this year—the first time they’ve had that many in five years—was nice.
“In past years, there is sometimes only four,” she remarked, explaining that with four contestants, the queen and two princesses receive crowns and then one girl is left out.
She really encourages any girls between the ages of 14-17 to consider participating next year or in future years.
“We don’t have many competitions like this left in the area, so we want to keep this going,” she stressed, citing it’s been a part of the fair for so long and it’s great to see the interest is still there.
“We want to thank all the families and friends who support the contestants throughout the summer,” she added.
In the queen competition, the various category winners were as follows:
•Banners—1. Kassidy LeDrew/Brooke VanDrunen (tie) 2. Alyssa Chiasson 3. Joleigh Hayes
•Interviews—1. Elizabeth Allan 2. Alyssa Chiasson/Joleigh Hayes (tie) 3. Avery Wilson-Hands/Kassidy LeDrew (tie)
•Fashion Show—1. Joleigh Hayes 2. Kassidy LeDrew 3. Elizabeth Allan
•Floats—1. Kassidy LeDrew/Brooke VanDrunen 2. Joleigh Hayes 3. Elizabeth Allan
•Entertainment—1. Elizabeth Allan 2. Brooke VanDrunen/Kassidy LeDrew (tie) 3. Avery Wilson-Hands

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