Saturday, August 1, 2015

Rash of new fires in region

There were two new forest fires confirmed in the Northwest Region by yesterday afternoon.
Red Lake District Fire #30 is “not under control” at 0.5 hectares (ha) and is located near Frances Lake.

Red Lake District Fire Number 31 is “not under control” at 0.1 ha and is located near Pikangikum. The Manitoba border areas of the Northwest Region are still maintaining a moderate to high fire hazard.
Meanwhile, five new fires were confirmed on Saturday.
Kenora District Fire #17 has been renumbered to Kenora District Fire #16 during a recent reassessment and was declared out at 0.3 ha.
Sioux Lookout District Fire #19 has been reclassified as Red Lake District Fire #29 due to its exact location and is being monitored at 12 ha near Willis Lake.
Red Lake District Fire #27 is “not under control” at 0.8 ha and is located near Cairns Lake. Red Lake District Fire #28 is “not under control” at 1.2 ha and is located near the Donaldson River.
Fort Frances District Fire #14 was declared “out” at 0.1 ha.
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is monitoring a small fire in the Kenora District.
This fire is located on a small island north of Windfall Island. This fire is managed under the Lake of the Woods Conservation Reserve Fire Response Plan.
This fire is helping renew the forest ecosystem in the area. Fire in the landscape as an agent for ecosystem renewal is a fundamental component of the wildland fire strategy in Ontario.
The Lake of the Woods Conservation Reserve is located in an area where the Prairie, Great Lakes–St. Lawrence, and Boreal forest regions converge. Historically, fire has been a frequent natural disturbance in this area.
Many plants and animals of the area are adapted to and/or depend on fires to create and maintain suitable habitat. It does not pose a threat to people or property.
For more information please call the Kenora Fire Management Headquarters at (807) 548-1919.
Out of province dispatches
Resource movement continues from Ontario out to British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. There are 528 personnel from Ontario at this time with 313 in British Columbia and 215 in the Northwest Territories.
More personnel including overhead staff and FireRanger crews are scheduled outbound later this week, while resources that have reached the end of their duty time are also scheduled to return from the Northwest Territories.
Ontario is also providing equipment including 430 power pumps, six thousand lengths of hose, two values protection units and 41 portable relay tanks to British Columbia.
For FireSmart tips visit
A link to the Ontario Fire Danger Map can be found at This map shows the forest fire hazard for the province and is updated daily.
Report forest fires in the Northwest Region and the Northeast Region (for areas north of the French and Mattawa Rivers) by dialing 310-FIRE (3473). Southern region forest fires can be reported by calling the local fire department.

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