Monday, August 3, 2015

Plane crash kills three

KENORA, Ont.—The Transportation Safety Board says a plane crash that killed three Americans in Northwestern Ontario was not caused by a mechanical malfunction.
Spokesman John Cottreau said it appears the plane crashed on Chappie Lake, near Kenora, during a landing attempt.

Search-and-rescue members found the downed Cessna 182 around 5 p.m. on Friday.
Police arrived at the scene after receiving an emergency locator signal from Chappie Lake.
The victims were identified as 41-year-old Nikolas Rajala, 40-year-old Teresa Rajala, and 36-year-old Lynn Bohanon, all of Grand Rapids, Mn.
Police said the three were staying at a fishing lodge in the area, and were on a fishing trip when the crash happened.
Nikolas Rajala’s sister, Allison Rajala Ahcan, 51, of Grand Rapids, said all three were adventurous souls who loved the outdoors.
“It’s devastating to lose the most beautiful of people all at once,” she told The Associated Press yesterday.
Ahcan said every weekend her brother and his wife would be doing something outdoors related.
They would fly all over—even on evenings during the week—but they particularly loved Ontario, she noted.
Nikolas Rajala owned Pohl Creek Logging in Grand Rapids while his wife, Teresa, worked in retail and loved gardening.
Lynn Bohanon also was a pilot, and she and her boyfriend had sold the plane to Nikolas Rajala, Ahcan noted.

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