Monday, August 3, 2015

Chinese hack NRC computers

OTTAWA—Chinese hackers have infiltrated the computer systems at the National Research Council, forcing it to shut down its IT network for an extended period, the federal government revealed today.
The Treasury Board Secretariat said there is no evidence other government computer systems or data have been compromised.

But the NRC’s computers have been isolated from the rest of the government’s systems as a precaution.
The council also said it could be some time before a new, more secure system is up and running.
“NRC is continuing to work closely with its IT experts and security partners to create a new secure IT infrastructure,” the council said in a statement.
“This could take approximately one year, however, every step is being taken to minimize disruption,” it added.
In a separate statement, the government said one of Canada’s spy agencies, the Communications Security Establishment, detected and confirmed the cyber attack.
The intrusion came from “a highly-sophisticated Chinese state-sponsored actor,” said the Treasury Board.
The NRC said it would not release further information, citing security and confidentiality reasons.
However, it planned to update Canadians on the situation by Thursday.

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