Tuesday, August 4, 2015

District blaze now ‘out’

No new fires were reported in the Northwest Region yesterday, with the one fire active in Fort Frances District being declared “out.”
Red Lake Fire #17 remains the only active fire in the region.

Located in Woodland Caribou Park, it currently is listed as “being monitored” at 124 hectares in size.
An aerial assessment of the fire yesterday showed minimal growth has occurred.
There were three visible “smokes” within its interior, but the blaze mostly has burned to natural boundaries.
The forest fire hazard remains “low” to “moderate” in the south and central portions of the region, but rises to “high” and even “extreme” in the far north.
Lightning strikes have been mapped over the past week and attention will be given to those areas in case fires flare up.
Rain is in the forecast and may change the fire hazard in the eastern sectors of the region to “low.”
In related news, there are now 554 personnel from the Ministry of Natural Resources on assignment in Alberta, B.C., and the Northwest Territories to assist in ongoing forest fire management efforts there.
Rotation of resources is now occurring.
For instance, an Agency representative is going to B.C. to replace one who has been there for two weeks.
An Incident Management Team, meanwhile, is heading to the Northwest Territories as one returns from B.C.
This rotation of resources will continue as long as the need remains but progress is being reported on fires, which may result in the release of more Ontario resources.

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