Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Two die in plane crash

NANAIMO, B.C.—Two people have been killed in a small plane crash near Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.
Transportation Safety Board spokesman Bill Yearwood said the plane, an “amateur-built” Avid amphibious aircraft, crashed on take-off from the Nanaimo Airport in Cassidy on Saturday evening.

Cassidy is about 20 km southeast of Nanaimo.
Yearwood said the single-engine two-seater went down on the Cottonwood Golf Course, which is adjacent to the airport, and that the two people on board died of their injuries.
Some golfers were on the course at the time of the crash, but Yearwood said there are no reports of anyone else being injured.
Course owner Trent Kaese said the plane crashed in a patch of grass on the 14th hole.
“In the rough is where the accident happened, just before the fairway started,” noted Kaese, who saw the wreckage but did not witness the crash.
“Just basically the tail section was left of the plane,” he added.
Yearwood said Mounties are interviewing witnesses on the ground as they, along with the TSB and the BC coroner’s service, investigate the crash.
No details have been released at this point concerning the victims.
Weather conditions were sunny and clear at the time of the crash.

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