Monday, August 3, 2015

Quadruplets graduate

CARBERRY, Man.—When they were born 17 years ago, the Carberry quadruplets barely weighed three pounds each and there were doubts they even would survive.
This week, they graduated high school.

Greg Lavich, who technically is the oldest of the quadruplets, said graduating is all he’s been able to think of for the last six months.
He and his sisters, Maryn and Janelle, are heading to the University of Manitoba this fall, where Greg will take agronomy and the girls will take a general first-year program.
Their brother, Myles, will be sticking around Carberry, which is 50 km east of Brandon, to enroll in a heavy-duty mechanics course.
Their parents, Ed and Heather Lavich, said it was a tough road at times but they’re very proud of their children.
The quads were born 10 weeks ahead of schedule, at one-minute intervals.
“We jumped a lot of hoops, health-wise,” their father recalled.
Their mother spent part of grad day laying out cards for them—marked Baby A, Baby B, Baby C, and Baby D.
“I just ended up going, ‘We’re proud of you. We love you to the moon and back,’” she said before dissolving into happy tears.
The now-healthy teens say it was that love, along with the support of their older sister, Caitlyn, that gave them the tools they need to go out and make it on their own.
“I guess I feel really lucky and fortunate to have them, and to spend the whole day with them,” said Maryn.

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