Saturday, August 1, 2015

‘Do One Thing’ campaign starts

“What goes around comes around” certainly rang true during a hula hoop event here last week.
A “hoop hunt” by the Sorting Gap Marina was held Thursday afternoon to launch a new campaign entitled “Do One Thing,” which aims to encourage healthy lifestyles and community involvement.

Folks of all ages endured the cool, drizzly day to participate in the event put on by the Northwestern Health Unit.
“The idea is to do one thing every day to improve your health,” said health educator Jolene Quast.
“Anyone can hula hoop,” she laughed. “It’s simple and fun and effective.”
Quast said the health unit has been working on the initiative for months in hopes of addressing some of the troubling health statistics in Northwestern Ontario.
Although the campaign’s first event didn’t draw the crowd organizers had anticipated, Quast hopes future events will bring more people out.
“This is the first of hopefully many events over the next few years,” she remarked, adding the next one will be held in July.
“[The campaign] is already catching on all over Northern Ontario, but hopefully it will catch on in other areas, too,” Quast said.
Health unit staff also are encouraging residents to keep track of their progress on the campaign’s website by documenting the “things” they do each day.
The web page also includes “healthy community” and “heathy self” in its platform to promote well-rounded lifestyles.
“Do one thing for yourself, for your family, and for your community,” urged Quast.
“These small steps make a big difference.
“We want to empower people to lead healthier lives and make changes in their community that support healthy living,” she noted.
“‘One thing’ at a time.”

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