Sunday, August 2, 2015

Campbell cruises to re-election

Kenora-Rainy River has remained NDP orange.
Incumbent MPP Sarah Campbell was re-elected handily in yesterday’s provincial election, with unofficial results showing Campbell getting 12,872 votes, representing 55.44 percent of the popular vote.

While the Liberals earned more seats elsewhere yesterday to form a majority government, Campbell said it’s clear the NDP message continues to ring true here.
“I think northerners, as a whole, are very honest, hard-working people and they’re looking for a government that is hard-working and honest, and respects them and the work that they do,” Campbell said this morning.
“They want life to be made a little bit easier, right?
“People are struggling all over the place just to pay for the basics, pay their hydro bills, their mortgages, their rent, and put food on the table,” she noted.
“They’re concerned about jobs, they’re concerned about access to health care.
“These are all very basic, fundamental things,” Campbell said.
“We [the NDP] weren’t asking for anything that was over-the-top.
“And I think that they understood that I am somebody who cares about these things, who believes that we need to have a change with these things,” she reasoned.
“But also understands that we have to do so in a financially understandable manner, and that there needs to be
accountability and transparency.”
Local PC candidate Randy Nickle garnered 5,905 votes (25.43 percent) while Liberal candidate Anthony Leek was a distant third with 3,729 (16.06 percent).
Green Party candidate Timothy McKillop finished with 711 votes, for 3.06 percent of the popular vote.
Unofficially, a total of 23,217 votes were cast in this riding.
This was a higher voter turnout than in October, 2011, when a total of 21,843 votes were cast.
Due to flooded roads, voting was extended by one hour yesterday at the band offices of Mitaanjigaming First Nation (Poll #155) and Naicatchewenin First Nation (Poll #154).
Compared to the October, 2011 election, yesterday’s outcome marked a shift in party support in Kenora-Rainy River, with the NDP securing even more a foothold, the PCs losing favour, and both the Liberals and Greens making gains.
Campbell garnered 10,752 votes in the last election, representing 49.2 percent of the vote.
PC candidate Rod McKay was second with 8,314 votes (38.1 percent) while Leek again was third at 2,173 (9.9 percent).
Green Party candidate Jo Jo Holiday was fourth with 385 votes (1.8 percent).
Charmaine Romaniuk, representing the new Northern Ontario Heritage Party, garnered 219 votes (one percent).

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