Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bees swarm dome-shaped home

BLACKFALDS, Alta.—A couple in the Alberta town of Blackfalds is dealing with some unexpected house guests—a swarm of thousands of bees.
“All of a sudden we heard something overhead come in and it was these bees,” said Wade Morgan.

“They are nesting, or trying to make a nest, by the thousands.
“We were just re-roofing and we don’t know what to do; it is incredible,” he added.
The couple lives in a dome-shaped home and Cheryl Morgan thinks that might be what attracted the bees.
“Hopefully they don’t think they are going to turn our dome house into one humongous bee hive,” she remarked.
Honey bee swarms are common in the months of June and July, when colonies split into two as a survival strategy.
“Beekeepers’ number-one goal is to manage the hives to keep bees from swarming,” said Eliese Watson, who runs Apiaries and Bees for Communities, a Calgary-based group that promotes urban bee keeping.
But she added it isn’t always possible.
“Now sometimes bees swarm; they naturally want to,” Watson explained.
“And when that occurs, it can be quite spectacular to witness.”
The good news for the Morgans is that bees are gentle at this time of year.
“Before they leave, those bees will gorge on honey and pollen,” said Watson. “And that’s why when you capture a swarm, they are very gentle, calm.
“They have full stomachs.”
A volunteer with her group is helping to remove the swarm from the Morgans’ home.

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