Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New cell tower going up

Tbaytel will be erect a new cell tower in downtown Fort Frances this summer.
Summit Telecom Services, on behalf of Tbaytel, has sent notice to the town that the public consultation process, as required by Industry Canada, has been completed for a 20-metre high tower to be located behind the Legion.

No questions or concerns were submitted by the public prior to May 26.
The tower, which will be operational by late summer or early fall, will off-load wireless traffic from Tbaytel’s existing sites in Fort Frances, which will increase capacity and thus improve its wireless services here.
The tower also will have an equipment cabinet at the base with concrete bollards.
Tonight’s council meeting is scheduled to start at 7:05 p.m. at the Civic Centre.
The committee of the whole will meet first at 5:30 p.m., but is scheduled to be in-camera (behind closed doors) until 6:35.
Other business on the agenda includes:
•a report re: the Northwestern Health Unit’s “Do One Thing” request;
•a library reserve fund request from Fort Frances Public Library CEO Alicia Subnaik Kilgour;
•recommendations re: the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship and “Harmony of Nations” Music Festival requests;
•a recommendation re: the Community Garden planning committee request;
•per diem and travel claims from Coun. Andrew Hallikas for attending the “Do One Thing” conference in Kenora on May 27-28;
•an advertising request for FFHS Class of 2014 congratulatory messages on 93.1 The Border;
•a report re: the BIA’s 2014 budget and levy;
•a public meeting re: proposed Zoning By-Law Amendment No. 03/14-A (this amendment is to re-zone property from “Seasonal Residential” to “Residential Type One”);
•a letter of concern from T. Parks re: the railroad tracks on Armit Avenue;
•a request from Fred Brown Equipment (1987) Ltd. re: its water bill account;
•a request from the Economic Development Advisory Committee for consideration of a resolution re: investigation of installation of directional signage in the proximity of the exit of the Canadian Customs facility;
•a request from William and Kristi Albright re: purchase of a portion of the laneway in the vicinity of 755 Thompson St.;
•a request from C. Kress re: water services for 1029 Portage Ave. N.;
•a request from the Rainy River District Substance Abuse Prevention Team re: Family Safety Day on Sept. 6;
•a bylaw to approve an amending agreement with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario for the transfer of federal gas tax revenues;
•a bylaw to deem Lots 14 & 15 Plan SM-34 and Lots 33 &34 Plan SM-109 (418 Third St. E.) to no longer be lots on a registered plan of subdivision;
•a bylaw to adopt the estimates of all sums required for all municipal purposes during 2014;
•a bylaw to authorize the levy and collection of taxes for all municipal purposes in the Town of Fort Frances for 2014;
•a bylaw to establish a percentage by which tax decreases are limited in 2014 to properties in commercial, industrial, and multi-residential property classes; and
•a bylaw to authorize the levying and collection in 2014 or a special charge of taxes upon the Business Improvement Area.

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