Sunday, August 2, 2015

Search underway for fair queen contestants

The Fair Queen committee is looking for contestants to participate in this year’s Rainy River Valley Agricultural Society Fall Fair, taking place Aug. 14-16 at the fairgrounds in Emo.
“It’s a good opportunity to meet new people—just a fun thing for girls to take part in,” said Mary Croswell, who sits on the committee.

“It helps to develop public speaking and build confidence and self-esteem,” she noted.
“If they are a little shy, maybe it will help them to get over that.
“It also allows the girls to become involved in their community,” Croswell added.
Participants must be aged 14 (entering high school in the fall) to 17 and reside in Rainy River District.
Croswell indicated they also must have time to commit to being a contestant.
“If you are going to run for Emo Fair Queen, you definitely have to have commitment and a lot of support from family and friends,” she stressed.
“We’ve had girls in the past who haven’t had that support and they’ve struggled a little bit.
“So it’s important to have that support and help. You need that,” Croswell added.
Being a fair queen contestant can be busy, she warned, especially in the week leading up to the fair as there are a number of events to attend.
“There is a meet-and-greet barbecue and a fashion show,” Croswell explained.
“Then they have to make a banner, a float, and do entertainment and an interview.
“Those are the events they are judged on,” she remarked, adding the contestants also have to find a sponsor to promote their business throughout the fair.
Croswell said they also participate in other activities.
“We try to get the contestants involved in the community,” she noted.
“Last year we went to Rainycrest for the day and we participated in the open garden there.”
They also take part in Canada Day parades, as well as visit district events like the stock car races and the farmers’ market.
“So we are always looking for community events that the girls can be a part of,” Croswell said.
“If the girls are busy or have summer jobs, we try to work around everyone,” she added.
“But we want to get them out in the community so people know the contestants who are running.”
Croswell has been a part of the fair queen committee for many years, but took last year off so that her daughter could be a contestant.
“Now that I’ve been on the other side of it, I really know what the girls put into,” she remarked, though adding her daughter, Ashlee, really enjoyed the experience.
“She loved it,” Croswell enthused. “She had fun and it gave her something to do over the summer.
“She worked at it and it paid off.”
Croswell noted if there are any girls at Fort High thinking about becoming a contestant, they certainly can talk to her daughter and ask her any questions.
She added the committee is hoping to get more than four girls this year, which is how many contestants they had last year.
“Four is always hard because there are three girls that get crowns, so there is one who doesn’t get one,” she noted.
“I would like to get 10 girls because it makes it that much more fun with more girls competing,” Croswell reasoned.
“It makes it harder for the judges but more fun for the girls.”
For more information or to sign up, contact Croswell at 487-1105 or Sis McCormick at 482-2284.

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