Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Drop-off set for Saturday

The local OPP detachment is taking part in a province-wide initiative that will give residents an opportunity to dispose of old and unused prescription medications.
Set for this Saturday (May 10), “Prescription Drug Drop Off Day” will be held outside the Civic Centre from 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

The public is urged to drop off any prescription drugs, which police will collect and get rid of them, said Community Services Officer Cst. Anne McCoy.
“We are not taking any names or identification—we’re just providing a drop-off location and then we’re going to dispose of the medications safely,” she stressed.
Cst. McCoy said the public can look for the officers on Portage Avenue, where they’ll have a tent set up and cruisers parked with their lights flashing.
“So basically all they have to do is pull up, roll down their window, and throw [the medication] into a disposal bag we’ll have at roadside, and then continue driving,” she explained.
“Or they can walk up to us.
“We’ll also have some information pamphlets we’ll be distributing,” added Cst. McCoy, noting police will be working with the Rainy River Substance Abuse Prevention Team and a couple of local pharmacists during the initiative.
Cst. McCoy said “Prescription Drug Drop Off Day” is a crime prevention initiative meant to eliminate the chance for old or unused medication to be stolen or inappropriately used.
“We know that sometimes when people have medications on hand, or in their home, people can get access to it, whether they’re family members or friends or anyone else who has access to their home,” Cst. McCoy remarked.
“If someone breaks into your residence, the potential is there for them to steal it,” she noted.
“Sometimes what we see is break-and-enters happen because people are seeking out that medication because they’re addicted to it.
“If we can lessen that opportunity of people getting medications they don’t have a prescription for, that’s safer for everybody,” Cst. McCoy said.
“I fully support ‘Prescription Drug Drop Off Day,’” OPP Commissioner J.V.N. (Vince) Hawkes said in a press release.
“In last year’s campaign, the OPP received over 330 kilograms of medications from 730 citizens,” he noted.
“I urge all Ontarians with unused medications at home to work together and make our homes safer by participating in the 2014 ’Prescription Drug Drop Off Day.’”
More than 60 OPP detachments are taking part, including the ones in Fort Frances and Atikokan.
The public also is reminded that they can drop off any unused medications at any time to their local pharmacist.

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