Sunday, August 2, 2015

Rainycrest visits being restricted

In conjunction with the Northwestern Health Unit, effective immediately and until further notice, Riverside Health Care Facilities, Inc. is restricting visiting to one family member at a time due to a number of cases of gastroenteritis at Rainycrest here.
This does not affect services at La Verendrye General Hospital, the Emo Health Centre, or the Rainy River Health Centre.

Rainycrest staff are taking several steps to help residents and staff keep the illness from spreading.
These include:
•isolating residents with symptoms and postponing all group activities;
•sending affected staff members home until they are symptom-free for 48 hours; and
•aggressive cleaning with additional housekeeping services.
We wish to thank residents and family members, Rainycrest staff, the Rainycrest Auxiliary, and the Northwestern Health Unit for their understanding and exemplary efforts during this outbreak period.
Anyone going to any hospital or long-term care home at all times to visit should do so only when they’re feeling well while washing and sanitizing their hands regularly before, during, and after a visit.
Potential visitors with symptoms of a cold, influenza, or a stomach virus are advised to stay home and not enter a long-term care home like Rainycrest until they’ve been free of symptoms for two days.
This precaution will help reduce the chance of passing an infection to residents of the home.
If you have any questions or concerns, call Kayla Caul-Chartier at 274-3261 ext. 2625 or Jodi Jewell, infection control nurse, at 274-4835.

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