Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Calendar winners

It was a Happy Easter for Jordie Rheault of Fort Frances, who won the $500 up for grabs Easter Sunday (April 20) in the Rainy River Mutual Aid Association’s weekly cash calendar draw.
Winning $100 for April 30 and May 1, respectively, were Samuel-James Fraser (Regina) and Robert Meyers (Emo).

Winning $30 for April 27-May 3 were Beth Logue (Fort Frances), Shane Folk (Lumsden, Sask.), Lucas Paulson (Montreal), Brian Godin (Fort Frances), Wilf Thorburn (Atikokan), Mark VanHeyst (Emo), and Lloyd Sinclair (Fort Frances).
Winning $30 for April 20-26 were Iris Shute (Fort Frances), Shirley Howrigan (Thunder Bay), Helen Hughes (Devlin), Jon R. McCollick (Atikokan), Shane Folk (Lumsden, Sask.), Steve Luptak (Atikokan), and Dale Boyd (Atikokan).

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