Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Students making ‘change’

Grade 5/6 students in Debbie Jean’s class at St. Francis School are aiming to help build a school in a Third World country through “Free the Children.”
Calling it the “Brick by Brick” campaign, the students initiated a “change challenge” to the rest of the school on March 24, which runs until April 8.

“We want people to donate pennies, nickels, dimes—any loose change,” noted one of the students.
Donations can be turned in at the school office or to Room 103, where a bucket has been set out to collect the coins.
The class rolled the change that had been donated so far on Wednesday morning, and were pleased with the $127 they had collected.
But the students’ goal is to raise $400 between the “change challenge” and a bake/book sale they are organizing for this coming Wednesday (April 9).
They are looking for anyone wishing to donate baking (please include list of ingredients) or gently-used books for the cause.
These can be dropped off to the school office before the end of the day Tuesday.
The bake/book sale will take place in Room 103 on Wednesday from 11:30 a.m.-1:50 p.m. (fellow students are encouraged to bring money to school that day in order to make a purchase).
This is the second year in a row that Jean’s students are taking up a cause.
Last year, her Grade 4 students raised about $800 to help fight child labour.
This year, however, they looked at a number of different ways to help others—and settled on helping to build a school.
“Because if they have an education, then they can learn to provide for themselves,” one student reasoned.
“It helps to break the cycle,” said another classmate.
One student, who also was in Jean’s class last year, said she was amazed at how much they are able to raise—easily surpassing their goal of $200.
And while funds at this point are coming in slower than the previous year, the students are optimistic they’ll be able to top their $400 goal this year.
The students are aware they probably won’t raise enough to build a whole school, but they know whatever they donate will make a difference.
“We’re helping them so they never need help again,” the entire class remarked, which is their motto for the campaign.

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