Saturday, August 1, 2015

Council to review new condo proposal

Town council will be taking a close look at a proposal for a possible new condominium on Front Street.
At its regular meeting last night, council received a proposal from Bill Boulton of Thunder Bay-based Northern Superior Structural Solutions (NSSS) for a 24-unit complex.

The proposal subsequently was referred to three committees for their recommendation.
The town’s Administration and Finance, Operations and Facilities, and Planning and Development executive committees, each of which consist of members of council and the respective divisions’ management staff, will review the proposal and report back to council.
A recommendation will come out of those as to how the proposal will be handled in the future, Mayor Roy Avis said after the meeting.
“There’s been no decisions on that matter whatsoever,” he stressed.
“It’s all down to costs of construction, would the town be participating in it, would the town not be participating?” he noted.
“Those are the questions we’ve got to ask.
“We also have to look at the whole financial structure,” Mayor Avis added.
“At this time—I might as well be very frank—we cannot afford any other liabilities.”
For information on the proposed NSSS condo project, visit
Also last night, council heard a presentation from Jamie McPherson, Ontario Clean Water Agency operations manager for Northwestern Ontario, regarding the local sewage treatment plant’s 2013 annual report.
The plant has undergone various equipment upgrades in the past year and is operating well.
But the town still is unnecessarily treating too much wastewater at the sewage treatment plant due to groundwater and surface water infiltrating its sanitary sewer system, McPherson told council.
He did add, however, that this issue is “not uncommon for the north.”
“We have many communities with older infrastructure, we have many communities in low ground,” said McPherson.
“Those sewer lines are below the water table and so that’s just natural infiltration.
“And the spikes that you see with rainwater coming into the sewer? Not uncommon,” McPherson added.
“Unfortunately, it’s how the systems were set up many, many years ago.”
In related news, Coun. Rick Wiedenhoeft noted the town’s 2013 Schedule 22 compliance report for its drinking water system indicated absolutely no issues.
On behalf of council, he acknowledged all the efforts and hard work of Environmental and Facilities superintendent Doug Herr, overall operator in charge Randy White, senior water treatment plant operator Brad Webb, water treatment plant operator Mike Allen, water distribution system operators Paul Lemesurier and Greg Wiedenhoeft, and Operations and Facilities manager Doug Brown.
Because of them, local residents and businesses “receive outstanding water,” Coun. Wiedenhoeft said.

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