Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Commuters rounded up for jury

EDMONTON—In a rare move, a number of Edmontonians abruptly were rounded up at a downtown transit station by sheriffs and sent to the Law Courts after a judge issued a last-minute summons to get a trial started.
More than three dozen shocked citizens were hauled in by Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Terry Clackson to report for jury duty.

Blake Schoug said a sheriff asked his age, he replied he was 19, and was handed his paperwork.
Schoug added the sheriff also apologized for the inconvenience.
Clackson made the rare move because one more juror was needed to start a trial expected to last four weeks.
Chris Cottreau said he and the rest were allowed to leave a short time after one of the women in the group was chosen to fill the juror’s slot.
“They gave us a piece of paper for parking and apparently $11 for lunch,” Cottreau noted.
Clackson also thanked the citizens for their co-operation.
“The exercise you have been part of is a rare occurrence,” the judge said.
“You’ll all have something to talk about at dinner time.”

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