Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Call out for Moffat Fund applications

The Town of Fort Frances again will receive funds from the Moffat Family Fund to the tune of $38,750.
What’s needed now is applications to help the town decide which local groups and service clubs should get a piece of the pie.

Fort Frances CAO Mark McCaig said the funds are to be redistributed to local worthwhile causes, specifically those which help youths and families.
Over the last couple of years, many of the same groups have come forward with applications and, as long as they met the criteria, received some money.
That said, McCaig urged eligible groups that haven’t applied in the past to give it a shot this time around.
“It is a good thing for some of these groups,” he noted.
“As long as they meet the criteria and have a charitable number, they have a pretty good chance.”
The town has been receiving a share of the Moffat Family Fund for 12 years now, and it continues to be a boon to the community.
“It’s an endowment. It doesn’t require the town putting in any money or matching funds,” McCaig explained.
“It requires us to put forward some of our resources during the process,” he acknowledged.
“But when it helps out the groups in the manner that it does, we happily do that.
“Things are tough economically, and maybe a lot of these groups depend on sponsorship from the local business community,” McCaig added.
“Maybe this alleviates some of the pressure on the business community because they’re always looked to support a lot of these charitable endeavours; these kids’ sport-type things.
“It helps out in that regard, it helps everybody,” McCaig stressed.
“It’s a really good thing and we sure appreciate it.”
Individuals and organizations are encouraged to submit their requests for a portion of that funding, along with a supporting rationale.
Information packages are now available at the Civic Centre or by calling 274-5323.
The deadline for applications is Friday, March 21 at 2 p.m.
As in previous years, any non-profit organizations are welcome to apply—keeping in mind that funding proposals must benefit children, families, and the “less advantaged.”
Organizations from outside of Fort Frances whose activities don’t directly benefit local citizens are not eligible.
The history of the Moffat Family Fund goes back to 2002 when the Moffat family entrusted $100 million to the Winnipeg Foundation, which, in turn, is responsible for investing the money and distributing it to communities in need.
Fort Frances applied for—and was chosen to be—one of these recipient communities.

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