Friday, July 31, 2015

Catholic bd. holding JK/SK registration

The Northwest Catholic District School Board welcomes all families to register for full-day, every-day junior and senior kindergarten from Feb. 3-7.
We are proud to offer the full-day kindergarten program in each of our schools.

We are confident that your children will be provided with a strong start on developing learning skills that will improve their reading, writing, and numeracy skills, which will provide a smooth transition to later learning.
Our full-day kindergarten school staff, including a kindergarten teacher and an early childhood educator, work together to ensure that students are active and engaged in their learning.
To support families, we also offer both before- and after-school programs where there is sufficient demand.
Check with your school about the programs available.
“We look forward to registering new students and families to our board,” said Rick Boisvert, director of education for the Northwest Catholic District School Board.
“Our Catholic schools are proud to support the development and formation of our new learners and provide them with positive first steps as they begin their formal education,” he added.
“The first year in school is a critical stage in a child’s learning and development,” stressed Amy LaFroy, Catholicity co-ordinator for the board.
“I am confident our teachers and ECEs will assist in our students’ growth intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually to become life-long learners developing and demonstrating their God-given potential,” she remarked.
“We look forward to seeing families attend the registration days at all of our Catholic schools,” said board chair Anne-Marie Fitzgerald.

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