Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Train fire still burning

PLASTER ROCK, N.B.—Officials said today they hoped to start tackling the fire that continues to burn on several train cars days after they derailed in New Brunswick, sparking a blaze fuelled by liquefied petroleum gas and crude oil on board.
CN spokesman Jim Feeny said crews worked through the night and removed about six box and crude cars to allow firefighters to get closer to the site of the blaze in Wapske, near Plaster Rock in northwestern New Brunswick.

“Before we can deal with the fire directly, we had to get the other cars that are adjacent to the cars on fire clear of the scene,” he said.
“As the cars are removed and we have full access to them, the plan is to address the fire directly later on today.”
Feeny said the fire has changed little since yesterday, but was stable as cars continued to burn since going off the track Tuesday around 7 p.m.
A fire of diesel fuel has gone out and a crude oil fire has receded, but Feeny said the ongoing concern centered on two tankers containing liquefied petroleum gas.
Quelling the flames could allow investigators with CN and the federal Transportation Safety Board to get closer to the wreck as they try to determine what caused 19 cars and a locomotive in the 122-car train to go off the track and erupt in flames.
A senior investigator with the safety board said yesterday that they found a cracked wheel and broken rail at the scene of the derailment, but cautioned it’s too early to determine the exact cause.

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