Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Top marks for water quality

A recent audit of the town’s water system showed Fort Frances still has some of the best water around.
“We passed with flying colours,” Coun. Rick Wiedenhoeft, chair of the Operations and Facilities executive committee, said Monday.

“There were 20 items on the audit system, and every one of them we passed 100 percent,” he noted.
“There were no non-compliance issues.
“Once again, the people of Fort Frances can be assured that the water that they’re drinking is one of the best in Ontario, if not North America,” Coun. Wiedenhoeft added.
The objective of the audit, conducted by SAI Global Assurance Services, was to determine whether the drinking water Quality Management Systems (QMS) of the town’s system conforms to the requirements of the Ministry of Environmen

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