Thursday, July 30, 2015

FFHS test scores mixed

Results from the 2012-13 Education Quality and Accountability Office Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics and Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test, released yesterday, show both an increase and decrease in successes in different areas.
A total of 93 FFHS students in the academic mathematics course wrote the assessment, with 83 percent achieving at or above the provincial standard of Level 3 and Level 4.

This is on par with the Rainy River District School Board’s results of 86 percent and the provincial results of 84 percent.
In addition, it is a significant increase in success from five year ago, when just 70 percent achieved Level 3 or Level 4.
But the 86 students who wrote the assessment from the applied mathematics course didn’t see the same success.
In fact, with just 28 percent achieving at or above the provincial standard, it was below both the board’s results of 33 percent and the province’s results of 44 percent.
It also was 12 percent lower than the previous year’s results.
In the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test, which was written by 170 students (95 percent participated fully) in 2012-13, Fort High has seen a continued decrease in success over the past five years.
A total of 71 percent were successful in passing the test while 86 percent passed five years ago.
The province’s results have stayed fairly steady over the years—ranging from 82-85 percent being successful.
Students either must pass the OSSLT or successfully complete the Ontario Secondary Literacy Course as one of the 32 requirements needed to attain their high school diploma.

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