Monday, August 3, 2015

Pre-mixed drugs not used here

A report in the April 3 edition of the Toronto Star identified that the wrong chemotherapy dose was given to nearly 1,000 cancer patients in Ontario.
The report stated the dosing error allegedly occurred at Marchese Hospital Solutions in Mississauga.

The cancer drugs mentioned in the article are cyclophosphamide and gemcitabine, which are used routinely in the treatment of cancers of the breast, lung, and bladder.
“Riverside Health Care does treat local cancer patients with cyclophosphamide and gemcitabine,” noted Stephanie Cousineau, manager of pharmacy services at the health system.
“The drugs are prescribed by oncologists [cancer doctors] from Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre and Winnipeg,” she noted.
“We wish to let our patients, their family members, and the residents of Rainy River District know that Riverside Health Care does not use pre-mixed bags for these drugs,” Cousineau stressed.
“We mix cyclophosphamide and gemcitabine into intravenous bags in the pharmacy department at the La Verendrye General Hospital site in Fort Frances under strict preparation procedures,” she explained.

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