Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Resolute looking to reposition mill

Resolute Forest Products might be in a position to decide what it will do with its Fort Frances mill later this spring.
During a conference call Tuesday coinciding with the announcement of Resolute’s preliminary fourth quarter and 2012 results, Resolute president and CEO Richard Garneau said the company currently is looking to reposition the mill here.

There’s an investigation underway as to what kinds of grades the company can use, he noted.
“In two, three, four months, we should be in a position to determine what the future of the mill is going to look like,” Garneau said during the conference call.
“We’re certainly optimistic that we can reposition the mill,” he added. “There’s a good fibre base, as you know.
“There is a large co-gen—45 megawatt—that we are now running at probably two-thirds of its capacity.”
Garneau said he thinks the local mill has advantages going for it that the company can utilize.
“But we have to find the right niche and also find a way not to spend too much money to convert it,” he stressed.
Resolute announced in late November that its kraft mill and #5 paper machine here would be idled indefinitely, resulting in the layoff of 239 employees.

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