Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sidewalk shaving axed this summer

The town will save $25,000 this summer after opting not to retain a contractor to grind, shave, or cut surface discontinuities on sidewalks and instead use high-visibility paint to highlight tripping hazards.
“One of the problems that exist is that the discontinuities, even though we shave them down, continue to come back with frost heaves and roots and stuff like that,” Operations and Facilities chairman Coun. Rick Wiedenhoeft noted at last night’s regular council meeting.

“This year, being tough economic times, we’ve decided not to go forward with the practice this summer,” he added.
“On the upside, the province allows us through regulation to identify our discontinuities with high-visibility paint, which to me is a better answer anyway because if the discontinuities keep coming back, you’re going to have to paint them anyway,” Coun. Wiedenhoeft reasoned.
In the past, the town used paint to mark the discontinuities for the contractor to minimize. But Coun. Wiedenhoeft said this year the town will use a better paint.
Coun. Paul Ryan noted the town has used upside-down fluorescent paint in the past, and it fades quite quickly.
The town now will use traffic paint (the kind used on highways), which should stay visible for several years so the town doesn’t have to re-paint discontinuities each year.
Coun. Wiedenhoeft said if the financial picture improves, council will reconsider hiring a contractor to fix sidewalk discontinuities on an annual basis.
“So watch out for those discontinuities on the sidewalk,” he warned.
“We will get to them eventually.”
Also at last night’s meeting, council:
•referred a resolution from the City of Kenora re: patient enrolment models to the Fort Frances Community Clinic-Family Health Team board for its recommendation;
•passed a bylaw to authorize the entering into of a 25-year lease agreement with Doug MacDonald at the Fort Frances Municipal Airport;
•passed a bylaw to approve an agreement for financing under the Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund (CIIF) of a project to upgrade the Memorial Sports Centre;
•passed a bylaw to authorize a credit agreement with Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce; and
•passed a bylaw to approve maintenance service agreements with Galbraith Electric, Pryde’s Plumbing and Heating, and Ed Halvorsen Construction.

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