Saturday, August 1, 2015

Council to declare vacancy

With Coun. Sharon Tibbs having passed away earlier this month, mayor and council formally will declare a vacancy at tonight’s regular meeting.
As per the Municipal Act, 2001, council must declare a vacancy no later than either of the two meetings of council following the passing of the member.

Council also will have to start thinking about how to fill the vacancy.
In a written report to council, clerk Glenn Treftlin pointed out the method to select a person for appointment is not specified in the Municipal Act.
While normally an appointee could be selected from unsuccessful candidates from the most recent election, all the current councillors were acclaimed in the 2010 election, so there were no unsuccessful ones.
One option would be to advertise and invite the public to submit their interest in being a councillor.
Selection from among interested candidates would take place through a vote by council at an open meeting.
The second option is a by-election, the cost of which would be about $20,000.
Council either must appoint a person, or pass a bylaw to hold a by-election, within 60 days after the date of declaration of vacancy, noted Treftlin.
This means council will have to do either option on or before March 29 (the last council meeting that month is March 25).
Council also may consider appointing a member of council to fill the vacancies on committees held by the late Coun. Tibbs.
The public portion of tonight’s meeting is scheduled to begin at 6:10 p.m.
Other business on the agenda includes:
•the 2013 Operations and Facilities Division operating budget sidewalk summer maintenance expenditure;
•a report re: establishing a monthly replacement fee for ICI water;
•the December, 2012 Drinking Water Systems Monthly Summary Report;
•a revised 2013 cemetery price list;
•a report re: the Museum and Technology Fund (MTF);
•a report re: the addition of accessibility wording to the procurement policy;
•a report re: in memoriam donation;
•a report: the “Huffman” subdivision;
•a response from CUPE Local #65 re: 2013 wage increase;
•a listing of conferences in 2013;
•a request from the City of Kenora to support its resolution re: patient enrolment models;
•a bylaw to approve an agreement with the minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport for financing under the Museums and Technology Fund of a project to digitize the museum’s collection;
•a bylaw to authorize the entering into of a lease agreement at the Fort Frances Municipal Airport;
•a bylaw to approve an agreement with the minister responsible for Federal Economic Development Agency for southern Ontario for financing under the Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund (CIIF) of a project to upgrade the Memorial Sports Centre;
•a bylaw to authorize a credit agreement with Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce; and
•a bylaw to approve certain maintenance service agreements (RFQ 12-OF-13).

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