Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Machine glitch affected Times

No, your paper carrier didn’t forget to deliver the front section of the Times yesterday.
Due to a late-morning mechanical problem, only the Sports section was able to be printed.

“There was a plate jam in the plate setter,” explained Times’ publisher Jim Cumming.
“As a result of the jam, a piece on the machine got bent and was unable to operate.”
Due to yesterday’s frigid temperatures and bitter wind chill, Cumming said the decision was made to have the carriers deliver only the Sports section rather than wait around for the problem to be fixed.
“We didn’t know how long it was going take,” he noted, adding it was the first time in about 50 years that the newspaper didn’t get out on time.
Cumming said in order to determine what the mechanical problem was, Times’ staff worked with support people in both Vancouver and Chicago.
“That consisted of taking videos of the machine . . . and then sending the videos [via cellphone] to people to analyze.”
By about 5:30 p.m. yesterday, support personal were able to determine a piece of the machine had been bent.
“Overnight, they e-mailed us with information on how to repair it and get it working again,” Cumming remarked, adding the support people were “just amazing.”
Before the cause of the glitch was identified, Cumming said the Times made an agreement with the International Falls Journal “to make our plates for us.”
“And, in fact, they did but by then we were able to make our own,” he noted.
“We’re really appreciative of the staff at the Journal,” he stressed.
“It’s a wonderful relationship we have to be able to support one another to get our papers out.”
Cumming apologized for the inconvenience the glitch may have caused and hopes Times’ customers are understanding about the matter.
“We realized just how valued our newspaper is by the community based on the number of phone calls and people coming in this morning,” he noted.
The front section of yesterday’s Times is being delivered by carriers this afternoon, along with today’s edition of the Daily Bulletin.
The complete newspaper also was being mailed out to rural customers today.

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