Friday, July 31, 2015

Religious course now offered as e-learning

A new version of the religious education course will be offered to interested high school students starting in the second semester.
Fort High, Rainy River High School, and the Sturgeon Creek Alternative Program (S.C.A.P.) will be the pilot schools for this online course.

It no longer will be a three-hour, after-school class, but an e-learning class offered at the high schools.
This course will give students a chance to better understand the role that being a Catholic plays in shaping themselves, as well as their local and global community.
Amy LaFroy, Catholicity co-ordinator for the Northwest District Catholic School Board, noted there have been years when the course was unable to run because of the lack of students interested in going to St. Francis School for three hours in the evening.
“This is just a way for high school students to expand their knowledge about God,” she explained.
“We are hoping for a positive response from the students.”
Response to the new e-learning course among Fort High students has been mixed so far.
“I would prefer to go after school to the classes because I feel that I would spend my time during e-learning doing something else,” admitted Sam Berube.
A few other students felt the same way. They were worried they couldn’t fit it into their timetable, seeing as they had selected their second-semester courses back in August.
But some students did like the idea because you can do it on your own time.
“I like the idea of having a religious class offered as e-learning,” enthused Jessica Ash.
“You get a full credit for taking the class and you can do it whenever you want to,” she reasoned.
LaFroy conceded there will be more graduates from St. Francis who choose to take the course.
This is a Grade 10 open course, but students in all grades are able to take it if they choose.
There is a 20-student limit but the class will expand if more are interested.
The registration deadline is Jan. 23, with the class slated to start Jan. 28.

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