Saturday, August 1, 2015

Fair highlights health info

A “Healthy Futures” fair was held last Wednesday (Nov. 28) at Fort Frances High School.
More than a dozen businesses and organizations set up displays to show students various health issues they may face as they get older.

Lidkea Optometry, for instance, showed teens what could happen to their eyes down the road while the Valley Diabetes Education Centre stressed the need to maintain a healthy diet to help prevent diabetes.
There also were displays outlining facts about the different types of cancer and what you can do to detect them.
Riverside Counselling, meanwhile, was on hand with information for students about drug abuse and family violence.
The Northwestern Health Unit also held a dental screening to check up on the students’ teeth, as well as warn them of the health risks associated with chewing tobacco.
Lifetime Smiles also informed teens about dental work and how to properly care for their teeth.
As well, an exercise display was very interactive as the teens got to do workouts while learning about how fitness helps you have a healthy life.
But the fair didn’t concentrate solely on health. NCDS told students about workplace safety and the different training they can receive before starting a new job.
The Royal Bank of Canada, meanwhile, had a display about finances and what to expect, as well as tips on how to prevent certain money woes.
The main goal of the fair was to give students an awareness of genetic and environmental diseases and disabilities that they may develop as they age.
They were strongly encouraged to adopt healthy lifestyles so that the occurrences of such problems will be less likely.

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