Sunday, August 2, 2015

Town asked to ID sites for assisted living

Following up a strategic planning workshop last month, the Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (S.A.L.T.) and Assisted Living Action Group (A.L.A.G.) are asking the town to identify potential building sites for use as an assisted living facility here.
In a joint letter from S.A.L.T. and A.L.A.G. chairs Robert Schulz and Erma Armit, the pair said one of the action plans resulting from that workshop was “to identify a building site that is suitable for current needs and future growth.”

“In order to proceed with the planning process, we need to be aware of possible locations/sites for such a facility,” they wrote.
“At this time, we are not looking for a financial commitment,” the pair stressed. “We are simply inquiring as to whether or not the town has any helpful suggestions in this regard.”
A S.A.L.T./A.L.A.G. property and finance working group currently is assessing sites throughout Rainy River District that have been brought to their attention. Funding sources also are being researched.
Another workshop with community partners will be held in January, where an inventory of all possible sites, as well as reports on other action plans, will be presented for further direction.
“Accordingly, we are inquiring as to whether the Town of Fort Frances is aware of any sites that you would deem appropriate for this purpose,” the letter read.
“We understand that all discussions are entirely without prejudice.
“Such a request at this time may seem pre-emptive,” it added. “However, it is important that we check all possibilities and to make a visual inspection of identified sites before winter sets in.”
Council last night referred the joint request to the Planning and Development executive committee for its recommendation.
A survey of district residents this past summer indicated three important facts regarding the current and future needs of the aging population:
•88 percent of respondents said an assisted living facility would influence their decision to stay in Rainy River District;
•a total of 146 respondents aged 55 to 80-plus would consider a move within the next three years; and
•a preferred location for an assisted living facility would be close to shopping and recreation.
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