Friday, July 31, 2015

Strange light seen in night sky

Was it a bird? A plane? Superman?
Perhaps a weather balloon, or possibly the new drone that will be patrolling the Canada-U.S. border from above?

These questions have been running through Bill Morrison Jr.’s mind ever since he saw something flashing in the night sky to the south of his Alberton home that only can be labelled an unidentified flying object.
“I just saw a flash across the sky one night when I was watching TV and at first I thought it was a plane. But then I was watching it and I was thinking planes don’t just sit there,” Morrison recalled, noting it definitely hovered for a bit.
The strange light appeared late at night on both Dec. 5 and again last Wednesday (Dec. 10), and it looked to have flashing red and blue lights.
Both nights it shone in roughly the same spot. The light streaked straight across the sky, hovered, and then darted around quite a bit, with the show lasting for about an hour.
At first, Morrison guessed the mysterious object was a weather balloon—until he realized we no longer have any of those.
Then he figured it must be the new drone plane—until Customs confirmed it was not flying around on either of those nights.
Then, as a last resort, Morrison guessed it had to be the international space station orbiting the Earth—until NASA wrote back and informed him that, in this area, we only can see the space station around 5:43 p.m. and only for a brief minute at that.
This object darted around unmistakably for a full hour.
Both he and his wife, Tara, saw it and both were admittedly
“freaked out.”
Morrison’s stepmother also witnessed it from her home.
A quick check on showed Morrison this same light show was caught on video in the past in both Burnsville, Mn. and Minneapolis.
“I don’t want people to think I’m crazy,” he repeated a few times—adamant that he really did see something, though he has little insight into what it could be.
“When I told my friends, they thought I was crazy,” revealed Morrison, who did capture the object on video himself.
“[But] the ones who have seen the video now don’t think I am at all.
“You just have to see the video and decide for yourself,” he stressed.
To see Morrison’s video, visit the link at

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