Thursday, July 24, 2014


Charges withdrawn in Ford video probe

TORONTO—Charges were dropped yesterday against the man who reportedly tried to broker the sale of an infamous video in which Toronto Mayor Rob Ford appears to smoke crack cocaine.
Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General said it had withdrawn charges against Mohamed Farah and three other individuals arrested during a gang, drugs and weapons investigation known as Project Traveller.

Fresh details on Duffy’s expense claims

OTTAWA—The RCMP alleges that Sen. Mike Duffy charged taxpayers for a personal trainer, a makeup artist and for the cost of personal travel to funerals and other ceremonies.
New court documents provide fresh details on 31 charges laid against Duffy last week, alleging five “inappropriate expense claims associated with personal attendance at funeral and related ceremonies.”

Passengers to pay for throwing up in cabs

CALGARY—Throwing up in a Calgary cab will cost passengers $100.
City council has approved the fee intended to allow drivers to recover at least part of the cleanup cost.
It’s also to help with the loss of revenue when cabs are out of service to get cleaned up.
Councillors also hope some compensation will encourage more drivers to work at night when cabs are scarce.

Quebec mayor dies after being stung by wasps

LA PRAIRIE, Que.—The mayor of a Montreal-area community has died after being stung repeatedly by wasps.
Lucie F. Roussel passed away in hospital on Sunday, according to municipal authorities in La Prairie.
A spokeswoman for the town said Roussel, 51, was not allergic to wasp stings.

Many Canucks choosing a ‘staycation’

TORONTO—A new survey says nearly one quarter of Canadians won’t be travelling this summer, with budget concerns keep them close to home.
The survey by digital offers website says the high price of gas and accommodations are the top reasons for keeping 23 percent of Canadians at home, followed by high air fares.

Shark hoax risky venture: experts

TORONTO—An online video hoax of a shark in Lake Ontario that caused real-world consternation this past week demonstrates the attention-grabbing risks marketers are taking in an increasingly media-fractured universe, experts say.
The problem, they say, is efforts to stand out from the crowd via “prankvertising” or “guerrilla” marketing can easily backfire.

Moment of silence held

TORONTO—The Ontario legislature held a moment of silence today to remember the victims of the Malaysia Airlines disaster.
A 24-year-old medical student from Ajax, east of Toronto, was among nearly 300 people who were killed Thursday when the flight was shot down over Ukraine.

‘Corner Gas’ stars reuniting for film

ROULEAU, Sask.—Stars of the hit Canadian TV series “Corner Gas” are pumped to reunite for a new movie, and say it’s like seeing family again.
Brent Butt, Lorne Cardinal, Nancy Robertson and the rest of the cast are back in the fictional town of Dog River (a.k.a. Rouleau, Sask.) to shoot a feature film based on the series, which ended in April 2009.

Weird Al Yankovic thriving again

TORONTO—With the release of his new record “Mandatory Fun,” Weird Al Yankovic satisfied the obligations of an album contract that he says acted as a “bit of a constraint” creatively. At last, the maestro of grinning goofball pop parody is free to reconsider and reshape a career that has changed blissfully little in its 35-plus years.

Label rules take effect next month for mechanically tenderized beef

EDMONTON — Canadian shoppers will be able to see next month if the beef they’re buying has been mechanically tenderized.
Labelling regulations to take effect Aug. 21 are designed to protect consumers after the largest meat recall in the country’s history two years ago.
Health Canada says beef that has been mechanically tenderized must have a sticker saying that.

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