Thursday, October 30, 2014


Expand memorial scope: Legion

OTTAWA—This week, the National War Memorial wears a necklace of flowers, candles, poppies, and teddy bears in memory of the young corporal killed last Wednesday while standing guard there.
But once they are removed, the memory of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo should be among those permanently honoured by an upcoming re-dedication of the site, say veterans’ advocates.

Tory elected as mayor of Toronto

TORONTO—A former CFL chairman and business executive who ventured into politics only to fall flat in both municipal and provincial elections finally has earned a measure of political redemption, alongside a chance to revamp Toronto’s reputation after four years of scandal.

Baird, Kerry lay wreath

OTTAWA—U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Foreign Affairs minister John Baird placed a wreath at the National War Memorial today in honour of two Canadian soldiers killed last week.
The two then drove to Foreign Affairs headquarters for a brief formal welcome.
“We’re thrilled to have you here,” Baird said. “Wish it was under better circumstances.

Child poverty rate drop lauded

HALIFAX—UNICEF is commending the Canadian government and its provincial counterparts after it found the country’s overall child poverty rate decreased during the recession five years ago.
The child poverty rate decreased from 23 to 21 percent during the recession from 2008-11, pulling roughly 180,000 children out of poverty, UNICEF Canada said today in a new report.

Royals hoping to light deer twice

KANSAS CITY, Mo.—A two-foot-tall image of deer in multi-coloured neon, with a bull’s-eye on its tail, is affixed to a wall in the Kansas City Royals’ locker-room.
It hangs between the stalls of Aaron Crow and Tim Collins, and has a “W” underneath a crown.

Funeral underway for soldier

HAMILTON, Ont.—Thousands of people lined the streets of Hamilton this morning to pay respects to an unarmed soldier gunned down as he stood ceremonial guard in Ottawa in what the prime minister called a terrorist attack.

Pro-Western parties leading Ukraine vote

KIEV, Ukraine—Ukrainians overwhelmingly backed several pro-Western parties in a landmark parliamentary election yesterday—another nudge in the former Soviet republic’s drift away from Russia.
Two exit polls released as voting closed indicated President Petro Poroshenko’s party will secure a narrow win in the parliamentary election, falling substantially short of an outright majority.

CBC parts ways with popular host

TORONTO—“Q” radio host Jian Ghomeshi says he’s been fired from the CBC because they believed his “sexual behaviour was unbecoming of a prominent host” on the public broadcaster.

Top prospect killed in crash

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic—Oscar Taveras, the St. Louis Cardinals’ 22-year-old outfielder regarded as one of the majors’ top prospects, died yesterday in a car accident in his native Dominican Republic.

Poached dinosaur bones found

EDMONTON—A 50-year-old mystery involving poachers and missing dinosaur bones has been solved by an international team of paleontologists, including one from the University of Alberta.
A pair of 2.4-metre-long forelimbs belonging to the Deinocheirus mirificus was discovered in Mongolia in 1965.

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